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CBD Education

hemp leaves on wooden background, seeds, cannabis oil extracts in jars.

The 2018 Farm Bill: What It Means For CBD

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With the 2018 Farm Bill finally passed and on its way to being implemented, there’s reason across the entire cannabis industry for excitement. After nearly a full century, growing hemp in the United States is coming back to being a fully viable and permissible enterprise. While many strides have been taken towards this moment in year’s past, there hasn’t been a measure as clearly defined and beneficial for the industry as this. Cannabis businesses of all kinds stand to gain better protection for their interests, and the CBD business is no exception. With these new measures, CBD manufacturers and sellers have better leverage over their business than ever before.

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farmer carefully inspecting his hemp plant

What the Farm Bill Means for US Farmers, Hemp Growers, and the Economy

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The 2018 Farm Bill that went into effect January 1st is that rare bipartisan legislation that passed through Congress and was signed into law with very little drama. Monies to promote the local movement–farmers markets, research for organic farming, and farming education were made permanent. Farmers and their extended families get to keep their subsidies. Oh–and hemp farming has graduated from pilot programs to a legal, commercially marketable crop.

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CBD oil is one of many CBD products available

CBD Products and How to Take Them

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CBD (cannabidiol) products are becoming more widely used as supplements, with many people claiming to see great benefits from adding them to their routine. While CBD products are still relatively new on the market, there are many reasons that people seek to try it. While more medical research needs to be done to prove the benefits, if you’re curious about trying CBD, you may be wondering about which products to choose. Read on to learn more about what products are offered and how to take them.

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Senate Chamber Inside State Capitol Government Building, Boise, Idaho, USA

Breaking News! Senate Approves Farm Bill Including McConnell’s Hemp Farming Act!

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BREAKING NEWS [June 28th] Before the 4th of July recess, the Senate passed their version of the updated Farm Bill (a bill that updates agriculture and food policy). The week before, on the 21st, the House had passed their version of the bill.

The Senate’s version includes McConnell’s Hemp Farming Act of 2018, which aims to make significant improvements to the overall structure of agricultural hemp.

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13 Tips To Help You Fall Asleep More Easily

13 Tips To Help You Fall Asleep More Easily

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Getting a good night’s sleep is important: not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and socially. After a good night’s sleep, we’re more likely to walk through the world in a balanced, optimistic and joyful way. When, on the other hand, we don’t get enough sleep, we tend to get sick more easily; feel a bit restless, agitated and uninspired; and our relationships become less harmonious. Read More

Ten-Minute Sequence To Revitalize Your Body

Ten-Minute Sequence To Revitalize Your Body & Reset Your Mood At Work

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Whether your job requires long hours sitting at a desk, or equally long hours on your feet, here’s a simple yet powerful sequence – rooted in the wisdom of yoga and Chinese medicine – that will revitalize your body, bring calm and clarity to your mind, and beautifully reset your mood. It can easily be completed in ten minutes, making it perfect for your mid-morning or mid-afternoon break, or for your lunch hour. Enjoy! Read More