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Exercise Tips

Why Mixed Martial Artists and Jiu-Jitsu Enthusiasts are Buying Up CBD Oil

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MMA (mixed martial arts) is a pretty brutal sport; fighters are out there to beat each other in a ring surrounded by a metal cage (dubbed the octagon,). Naturally, pain and inflammation management is going to be a big deal. Overall flexibility and stamina are also important for MMA/Jiu-Jitsu fighters – both of which can be boosted via the use of CBD. Read More

CBD oil to be used for fitness regimen

CBD Oil: The Essential For Every Fitness Regimen (Part 2)

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This is the second part of a two-part article. Please make sure to read part one!

In part one, we learned about the science behind why CBD works for the human body for holistic health and wellness. In this part two, we will dive deeper into CBD’s impact on stamina, cortisol levels, building muscle, and how CBD supports various fitness regimens.

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CBD Oil: The Essential For Every Fitness Regimen (Part 1)

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In this highly informative Bota Hemp guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at the numerous health and wellness benefits of CBD oil focusing on just why so many fitness professionals and athletes today use and endorse CBD as the staple for their high-performance fitness regimens. We’ll get you up to speed on the latest ongoing scientific research to answer the most frequently asked question, “Why does CBD work so well for so many different ailments?” 

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Reducing inflammation and the pain of golfer’s elbow

Benefits of taking CBD: Reducing inflammation and the pain of golfer’s elbow

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Playing sports is a great way to get exercise and stay healthy, but common injuries can get in the way of one’s enjoyment of these activities. Injuries don’t always occur because of an accident as repetitive motion can also cause pain over time. This is the case with golfer’s elbow, and this ailment doesn’t just affect golfer’s as many people with active, fit lifestyles can experience elbow pain. Golfers and others can still enjoy their favorite game as those who experience this condition can find relief with cannabidiol (CBD). Read More

MMA Fighters: Quicker Recovery With CBD

MMA Fighters: Quicker Recovery With CBD

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CBD, rich in antioxidants, is known to break up this oxidation-fueled plaque, slowing down or eliminating memory loss, confusion, and progressive memory loss. This is great news for athletes like Hurricane Heinisch and Bas Rutten, and for anyone who wants quicker recovery with CBD and to enjoy a healthier mind and body with the natural, organic supplement. Read More