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The Health Benefits of CBD for Women

By Bota HempOctober 21, 2018CBD Education, CBD Health
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Cannabidiol, also known as CBD has been making a splash in the news lately, and for good reason. More and more people are talking about the benefits they see after using CBD products. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabis compound, and there are many ways to incorporate it as a supplement (i.e. vaping, capsules, gummies, etc.). Though there still isn’t much research available on the topic, many say that CBD helps them find relief from anxiety, depression and chronic pain and that using CBD can reduce inflammation and even help with weight loss. Women, in particular, have reported a reduction in PMS symptoms. Read on to learn more about the benefits of CBD for women why they should incorporate CBD into their daily routines.

Mood Stabilization

Some women find that they can get seriously moody during certain parts of their cycle. While many women have come to accept this as part of life, it can be hard to ignore. Your mood has a big impact on your relationships, self-esteem, and productivity. This moodiness isn’t something you have to live with! CBD is known for its ability to help ease anxiety and depression, and taking a CBD product regularly can help keep your mood stable all throughout the month.

Research shows that CBD interacts with the brain in a way not unlike SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) drugs (i.e. anti-depressants). Women are diagnosed with conditions like depression and anxiety more often than men are, so CBD can be a great option for people who would prefer to take a natural substance rather than a prescription medicine.

Reduced PMS Symptoms

If you’ve ever suffered from PMS, you know what a pain it can be. But the truth is, you don’t have to dread it coming around every four weeks, because CBD has been shown to promote muscle relaxation and reduce and inflammation. CBD can help to relax the muscles that cause the classic cramps and headaches associated with PMS. Some women, who suffer from severe cramps find themselves nauseous and unable to eat. CBD can help with this too.

Because CBD is available in a wide variety of products, you can choose to take a CBD capsule to help with your symptoms or even rub on a topical cream for soothing relief. And if your PMS symptoms are so bad that you find it difficult to sleep, CBD promotes restfulness and relaxation.

CBD and Hormones

Our bodies naturally have endocannabinoid systems, and that’s the method by which cannabinoids like CBD affect us. Our endocannabinoid system manages components of our bodies like mood, stress levels, sleep, and many more. Our endocrine systems, where hormones are produced, have many cannabinoid receptors, meaning that CBD has an effect on hormones. As women age, many find that CBD can help with symptoms of menopause.

Many people choose CBD because it comes from a plant, giving them an alternative to harsh medicines and chemicals that may end up doing more harm than good. If you find yourself popping ibuprofen when your period is coming, CBD might be a more natural choice.

Promise For The Future

Because of the lack of research, the jury is still out on how and why CBD works, and what ailments it can be used to treat. However, CBD’s user base is gaining steam, and as more and more people find relief, there will be more impetus for research to be done. Starting a CBD routine can take a little bit of research and experimentation in order to find the right dose for your body. If you’re curious about trying CBD to relieve PMS symptoms, giving your mood a boost, or benefits of CBD for women,  contact us to learn more.

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