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How CBD Can Improve Your Overall Sex Life

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We’ve talked about CBD and anxiety, CBD and pain, and CBD and fitness, but what impact does CBD have on your sex life? Well, let’s sharpen our pencils, grab our scientist goggles, and pour into the research to find out what kind of impact CBD has on one of human’s favorite past times – sex.

The Brain: The Most Powerful Sexual Organ

You may think that genitalia is “the sex organs,” but that’s not really the case. The brain is — by far — the most powerful sexual organ. For example, our sex-drive originates in the hypothalamus while our amygdala is responsible for a massive portion of our arousal.

Of course, the brain is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s excellent at stimulation, but, at the same time, it has a nasty habit of putting up barriers. Low libido, sexual anxiety, mood issues, pain and social anxiety all pose as threats to your overall sexual well-being; and our brain loves to use all of them whenever it can.

Luckily, CBD is great at helping our brains relieve themselves of these ailments. Let’s see how.

Low Libido (Cortisol vs. CBD)

Stress and low libido go hand-in-hand. Tons of research points to stress being a significant cause of low libido. When we build up stress, it takes a pretty major toll on our bodies. One of the ways that stress (which kicks in our flight or fight response) starts to immediately affect you and your libido is by producing massive quantities of cortisol and epinephrine.

Cortisol has a massive impact on your libido. In men, high levels of cortisol cause low levels of testosterone, which can cause everything from low libido to erectile dysfunction.

So, what effect does CBD have on cortisol? Well, CBD has been shown to lower overall cortisol levels.

Essentially, CBD helps stave off some of that low libido caused by cortisol and it can help transform you into that tiger that you once were.

Sexual and Social Anxiety (Anxiety vs. CBD)

We all know that anxiety has a profound effect on everyday life. It can cause issues ranging from your ability to go out in public to your ability to even go outside your house. Anxiety also has a profound effect on your sex life. Sexual anxiety can cause some big-time issues in the bedroom, while social anxiety can make it impossible to even go and meet potential partners.

What does CBD have to do with anxiety? Think of CBD as the cheese in an anti-anxiety grilled cheese. Modern research surrounding CBD paints it as a modern anti-anxiety treatment without all of the side effects of traditional anxiety medication. There are lots of studies surrounding CBD’s use as an anxiety treatment. If you want a full overview of CBD’s effect on anxiety levels, check out our post here.

CBD can help tame that social anxiety so you can go out and find that perfect partner, and, if things move towards the bedroom, CBD can help beat that sexual anxiety away.

Mood Issues (CBD vs. Mood)

A poor mood can destroy a person’s sex life. Studies surrounding mood and sex are super-interesting. Studies have shown that women who were distracted couldn’t even feel sexual stimulation when directly exposed to sexual stimuli (vibrators). While others have shown that men who were shown sexual images while hooked up to vibrators lost sexual interest when asked to solve math problems (distraction).

It’s evident that mood has an effect on your sex life; we don’t need studies to tell us that.

What we do need studies for is to show us how amazing CBD is at fighting mood disorders.

Speaking of studies:

There are plenty more. Feel free to do your own research; it may blow your mind.

Pain Issues (CBD vs. Pain)

Pain can certainly cause issues in the bedroom. Whether it’s your back not being able to support sexual positions or your headache causing you to turn away from sex, pain can destroy your sex life.

Guess what CBD is excellent at fighting…

Yep, Pain.

This is probably CBD’s most researched benefit. We’ll link you to one study showing CBD’s profound effect on pain, but we encourage you to do your own research (or check out one of our many posts about CBD and pain).

The Finish (Pun Intended)

Mood disorders, pain, low libido, and anxiety can all rip your sex life apart. Luckily CBD is great at fighting all of the above. CBD may just be the next big thing in sexual therapy.

Want to check CBDs sexual effect out for yourself? Check out some of 100% pure premium CBD products. They may just save your mood and your sex life!

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