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CBD Oil for Anxiety (Research + Dosage)

By Bota HempMay 30, 2018Anxiety Supplements

About 40 million individuals across the U.S. suffer from an anxiety disorder, making it the widest spread mental condition in the nation. These millions of people do not just face the normal kind of anxiety that every human and animal faces—the kind that kicks off the fight or flight response when something dangerous or scary happens.

No, the increased blood pressure, nausea, and adrenaline are much more intense and last for longer periods of time than the average person. Additionally, situations that would not cause anxiety in others do cause it in individuals who suffer from an anxiety disorder. Yet, only about a third of people with the disorder are currently receiving treatment.

CBD Oil for Anxiety

Scientists have uncovered an alternative to addictive anxiety medications. It is both natural and organic. Research is beginning to show that CBD oil is both safe and effective to use as a treatment for various anxiety disorders. Because of these promising results, research about CBD oil’s effectiveness in treating anxiety is one of the most highly funded areas of cannabis research.

In fact, two studies in particular, have really become the backbone behind using CBD oil for anxiety. One of the studies concentrated on generalized anxiety disorder. It used a double-blind methodology and found that the participants who had consumed CBD had dramatic reductions in anxiety. The other study was done in 2011. The research was done with a small group of individuals who suffered from social anxiety disorder but had never been treated in any way. Scientists gave half of the participants CBD oil and half of them a placebo. At the end, the participants who had been given the CBD oil saw a remarkable decrease in anxiety symptoms.

What Is CBD

CBD is cannabinoids, or a chemical compound of cannabis. However, unlike another major compound of cannabis, THC, CBD is not psychoactive. Therefore, when people ingest it, there will be no ‘high’. Instead, CBD is the main health factor that is found in cannabis. Over the years, research has shown its effectiveness in treating everything from epilepsy to arthritis. Although CBD can be ingested in many forms, oil is often the best option.

When CBD is in oil form, it is highly concentrated and combined with other carrying agents to help the body to effectively ingest it. There are three main ways of consuming the oil. It can be vaporized, orally ingested, or topically applied. The benefit of vaporization is that the results are felt by the body fairly expediently. Additionally, the flavor and odor of the oil is reduced. Ingesting the oil orally is the fastest way treat symptoms of anxiety. When the oil is applied topically, it can take up to 30 minutes for the anxiety relief to be felt. However, treatment is very simple, with users just needing to rub a drop of oil on the back of their neck.

CBD oil comes in three forms. There is pure CBD oil, CBD oil that contains THC, and CBD hemp oil. Pure CBD oil is only CBD and no THC, meaning there are only medicinal and no psychoactive effects when this oil is ingested. CBD oil with THC is just that. Individuals who use this often have a number of maladies that they are suffering from and the THC component helps them to feel more comfortable, especially if they are in pain or have nausea. However, close doctor supervision must be utilized with this oil because dosing needs to be very precise. Finally, CBD hemp oil is a CBD oil that is made from hemp. This means that while it does have very high levels of CBD, it also has some THC in it, although probably not enough to have psychoactive effects.

How CBD Oil Treats Anxiety

Anxiety is connected to the brain’s hippocampus regions. Symptoms of anxiety surface when neurons misfire. Recent research points to CBD oil assisting these neurons and thereby reducing symptoms of anxiety. CBD oil has also been proven to slow the heart rate and enhance relaxation. The combination of these three effects means that CBD does similar work to many of the medications that are prescribed for anxiety, except CBD does it naturally and organically, without a risk of side effects or dependency.

CBD Oil Dosage

If you’re new to CBD, it is recommended to start off with a small amount and slowly increase the dose over time. It is impossible to predict exactly how each individual will respond to CBD, so gradually increasing the oil used is the safest method. The 250mg organic CBD Oil is a great choice for beginners.

Types Of Anxiety And Symptoms that CBD Oil Can Aid

Anxiety disorders are not all the same. They have unique causes and they surface in different ways, requiring different types of treatment.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Much of the time there is no cause of this type of anxiety. It is simply the normal happenings of daily life that end up creating extreme and long-lasting worries and anxiety.

Social Anxiety Disorder: This disorder can end up causing people to shut themselves off from society. They want to avoid public situations that could cause embarrassment. Individuals with this disorder are afraid of being judged by others or publicly humiliated. It often surfaces as extreme stage fright or fear of intimacy.

Separation Anxiety Disorder: This type of anxiety crops up as inappropriate behavior when an individual is separated from a person, place, or thing that makes them feels safe and secure.

Panic Disorder: The panic attacks that are associated with this disorder can be brief and last only for a few minutes or they can last for hours. They often occur after prolonged stress or an extremely stressful experience. The attack can include everything from difficulty breathing and shaking to confusion and nausea.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: This disorder is often associated with veterans and those who were sexually assaulted. However, it can result from any traumatic event. PTSD surfaces as painful flashbacks of the events and can be so extreme that individuals will change their lifestyle in order to avoid potential triggers.

Phobia: This anxiety disorder is unique to the rest of the anxiety disorders because it is much more specific. With it, the individual is afraid of a certain situation or object in an irrational way and, even when the individual understands that the fear is irrational, they are not able to control their anxiety.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Those who suffer from OCD are similar to individuals who suffer from many of the other anxiety disorders in that they understand that their anxious thoughts and actions are irrational. The aspect that characterizes their actions as OCD is how intrusive and repetitive they are and that they are necessary in order to reduce anxiety.

CBD Oil Considerations

In conclusion, CBD oil is proving to be a valuable solution to some of the most serious anxiety disorders that people suffer from. It offers a promising alternative to traditional treatments and society and the government are beginning to fully realize this.

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