Is CBD Legal in Texas?

If we’re talking about hemp-derived CBD, then the answer is yes. The keyword here is “hemp-derived.” CBD from hemp has no psychoactive effects, so the purchase, sale and possession of hemp CBD products are legal in all 50 States. Because hemp is sometimes confused with the cannabis/marijuana plant, there is still some stigma towards hemp-derived CBD, but from a legal perspective, hemp-derived CBD is completely legal and enjoys the rights of any other legal product.

Where can I buy CBD in Texas? 

Purchasing CBD oil online is the most convenient and secure way to purchase pure, full spectrum CBD products, but BEWARE: not all CBD oils available are certified. It is impossible to verify the purity and concentration of uncertified CBD products. Be sure to confirm that your supplier provides a 3rdparty tested “Certificate of Analysis” as evidence of quality.

Bota Hemp provides 100% pure, premium CBD Hemp Extract based products. We manufacture in Colorado and comply with the 2014 Farm Bill. Bota Hemp provides private party sales as well as wholesale opportunities. Our 3rdparty testing reveals that our products contain less than .19% THC. Please view our Certificate of Analysis here:  Bota Hemp Certificate of Analysis