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young woman stretching before her workout

You might not immediately equate taking CBD with working out if you’re consuming the former for the first time. In reality, the two go together very well when you learn that CBD doesn’t have a psychoactive effect like marijuana.

Obviously, you don’t want to experience an artificial high during a  workout. Thanks to CBD having effective ways to manage your health, many are starting to take it as a workout supplement before and after.

For managing pain, you’ll find CBD useful, though it also works on other levels.

Taking CBD Before Your Workout

Most doctors admit taking CBD before exercise is a useful workout supplement because it has anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective qualities. Also, it’s not addictive.

Unfortunately, too many people get stuck taking pain medications to help them cope with intense workout programs. We all know these pharma drugs can have numerous side effects and are often addictive.

CBD has no reported side effects and won’t make you feel drowsy before doing a workout as a man-made drug would.

Before you take CBD, though, you’ll want to talk to your doctor because it could interfere with other prescription drugs you’re taking. If you can, it’s best to remove yourself from taking any anti-anxiety or pain medications to allow the fullest natural benefits to manifest when taking CBD products.

Reducing Anxiety and Stress Before Working Out

When training for an important athletic event, doing workouts are certainly stressful when other life events interfere. Evidence shows that CBD helps manage stress and anxiety levels, something that can help you immensely on overly stressful days.

It’s also known to boost your mood and energy levels to help you feel like working out on days when you’re feeling lethargic.

Reducing stress while you work out prevents you from straining and possibly pulling a muscle. The anti-inflammatory aspects to CBD already prevent this, though considering it also helps control pain, you won’t feel soreness after working out intensely.

Those of you training as athletes will find this invaluable after years of relying on prescription medications to keep your body managed.

While this works for pre-workouts, CBD is also becoming a favorite for post-workout situations.

Improving Your Body After Workouts

Your body can take a real beating after working out on an athletic level. CBD has specific qualities that help keep your body healthy to avoid pain and damage.

For improving muscle mass, there isn’t a better natural workout supplement. Reducing catabolic hormones like cortisol is the only way you’re going to build muscle. Fortunately, CBD has anti-catabolic properties to make this happen.

Science backs this up, making CBD one of the top choices for athletes trying to build muscle mass. Doctors now recognize that cortisol is what inhibits muscle growth after workouts, making CBD a new way to control this when taken at the right time of day.

You’re really better off taking CBD at night so it can work as your sleep. The reason being is CBD engages CB2 receptors in the limbic and paralimbic regions of the brain. While you’re in REM sleep, this is going to help build muscle tissue because cortisol levels are at their lowest then.

It’s just one example of how CBD works directly with your body’s endocannabinoid system to help improve your health.

Other CBD Benefits After Finishing Your Workout

You’ll discover how comprehensive CBD is in helping manage numerous bodily issues affecting you after a major exercise program. Beyond managing cortisol, scientific evidence shows CBD helps keep blood sugar levels normal in diabetics after intense exercise.

CBD interactions with dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters in the brain will also ward off any potential depression after coming down off the high you experience while running or lifting weights.

Contact us at Bota Hemp to learn more about CBD workout supplements and how they’ll help your exercise plan for the rest of your life.

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