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CBD Has Been Proven to Help with Weight Management!

By Bota HempOctober 10, 2018CBD and Fitness, CBD Education, CBD Health
Slim young woman measuring her thin waist with a tape measure, close up

For many people, CBD is a brand new product that they know very little about, but there has been a dearth of research done on all of the positive effects that CBD can have on the human existence. From providing pain relief to calming troubled minds to helping people with weight management once and for all, CBD is a great tool.

For many people, however, the concept of CBD is entrenched in their mind with marijuana. When they think of marijuana, they think of the munchies, and can’t imagine how CBD could be utilized to manage weight. It is important to realize that CBD is entirely separate from marijuana in pretty much every way. CBD has properties that have been proven, time and time again to help with weight management. So, how does it do it?

CBD has Anti-Catabolic Properties

Anti-Catabolic properties are those that protect against muscle breakdown. A catabolic process is a process that breaks down properties in the body into smaller pieces. In the case of muscles, anyone who works out with the intent of building muscle wants to protect them at all costs. During catabolic processes, the body takes protein from the muscles and breaks them down to utilize it as fuel; this is counterproductive to muscle building.

While many bodybuilders will focus on nutrient-rich food that protects against catabolic processes, CBD has a proven track record of protecting the body against these processes. CBD isn’t just anti-catabolic, it helps to regulate your metabolism, regulates stress hormone secretion and can help to stabilize blood sugars, all of which can lead to more efficient diet and exercise routines.

Cortisol Secretion and CBD

Cortisol, often called the stress hormone, is a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands. When the body is in “fight or flight” mode, cortisol is the fuel the body uses. In the average body, cortisol levels will regulate themselves, and lower or raise depending on the situation and the amount of stress the body is under. However, if you find yourself consistently stressed, the cortisol button can stay switched to “on,” and if your body has to neither fight nor flight, cortisol can have negative effects on the body. Excess cortisol can lead to anxiety or depression, manifest as problems with digestion and lead to weight gain, in some people.

Several research studies have found that CBD may be effective in relaxing the fight or flight instinct. By relieving stress, your cortisol levels can return to normal, which will make it easier, in several different ways, to effectively manage your weight. Not only will you have greater clarity to make smart food decisions, but your body will no longer be bogged down by cortisol, allowing your metabolism to return to normal and work effectively.

CBD’s Effect on Blood Sugar

People with higher fasting blood sugar are more likely to develop diabetes, specifically type two diabetes, than those who have normal or low fasting blood sugar levels. When the body’s cells reject insulin, they hang out in the bloodstream leading to higher blood sugar levels. When blood sugar levels are high, they often lead people to feel hungry, sick or generally uncomfortable. The body tricks people into thinking they need to eat something to avoid the subsequent blood sugar crash that can lead to lethargy, headaches, and depression. When blood sugar levels remain consistent throughout the day, the body doesn’t crave sweets or carbohydrates to compensate, which allows you, the individual, to make smarter food choices.

CBD alone will not solve a weight problem. There is no single magic bullet that can help you manage your weight. Instead, CBD should be seen as a tool in your arsenal that will make it easier for your mind and body to work together to manage your weight. Proper diet and exercise are essential, but CBD products will make the process just a bit easier. To learn more about CBD and its weight management properties, contact us today.

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