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CBD for Workout Recovery and Injury Prevention

Man and woman exercising hardly with sport equipment in light gym.

Those of you who train as athletes know what it’s like to go through grueling workouts that place major stress on your body both physically and mentally. Even if you’re not an athlete, any workout plan often leads to the same results if your exercises are strenuous. No doubt you’ve been through the trials of physical injuries from intense workouts, all the way to the point of affecting your sleep. Did you know CBD is possibly a solution to these problems? Take a look at its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to help you sleep better.

Bringing Long-Term Stability

The obvious point to working out is to keep you from having to put in so many rest days due to injuries. This can become a vicious cycle after a while. It could lead to you being so frustrated at your physical pain, you end up giving up on your training program.

All this does is put you behind if you have to meet a certain training goal. When you start losing sleep, things could definitely get messy.

Scientific evidence shows that CBD helps stabilize many of these problems. What’s most important, though, is to educate yourself on the science behind how CBD helps pain and sleep.

Those who work out every day are already starting to see how CBD helps bring better results without the psychoactive highs as you’d experience with regular cannabis.

The Role of CBD On Inflammation

No doubt one of your biggest problems in working out is going through the pains of sore muscles. Overly intense workouts could even lead to pulled muscles, potentially crippling you for weeks.

Rather than turning to pain medications that just give you dangerous side effects (and potential addition), CBD could give you 100% natural pain relief.

Further scientific evidence for this comes from a patent on CBD filed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The patent’s language clearly delineates how much CBD manages everything from joint pain to various mental diseases (like Alzheimer’s).

Having this available from the U.S. government should help you realize that the CBD revolution is on the horizon. After years of being deemed illegal here in the states, things are on the road to changing.

With compelling evidence on how CBD helps you with workout pains, what occurs in your body to make this happen?

Your Endocannabinoid System

While many studies for CBD are often too rare and underfunded, the definite effect on cannabinoid receptors in our bodies is well-noted. As part of our endocannabinoid system, CBD and THC are known to help stimulate these receptors as a way to curb pain.

Despite most tests done on lab rats, the results in helping with inflammatory issues are already documented. For someone who works out often, like you, it’s worth trying CBD simply because it’s not known to be addictive and has no reported side effects.

Even though CBD is widely known as a natural pain medicine, what about managing your stress levels for better sleep as you train?

CBD Lessening Stress and Aiding With Sleep

One of the other benefits that CBD offers is the ability to reduce anxiety, something you may battle with regularly while training and dealing with joint or muscle pain.

This had real testing on human beings, giving more credence to using CBD to relax and sleep better. We all know physical pain can already disrupt sleep without some kind of pain-relieving aid. Imagine being able to take a natural supplement that allows you to not only kill pain, but also relaxes you enough so you get the proper sleep you need for body restoration.

Contact us at Bota Hemp to learn more about CBD products and how you can better manage your workout program.

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