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The 2018 Farm Bill: What It Means For CBD

By Bota HempJanuary 29, 2019CBD Education
hemp leaves on wooden background, seeds, cannabis oil extracts in jars.

With the 2018 Farm Bill finally passed and on its way to being implemented, there’s reason across the entire cannabis industry for excitement. After nearly a full century, growing hemp in the United States is coming back to being a fully viable and permissible enterprise. While many strides have been taken towards this moment in year’s past, there hasn’t been a measure as clearly defined and beneficial for the industry as this. Cannabis businesses of all kinds stand to gain better protection for their interests, and the CBD business is no exception. With these new measures, CBD manufacturers and sellers have better leverage over their business than ever before.

What It Does

To put it simply, the 2018 Farm Bill helps those who work with hemp through clearly defining its legality and protections. It essentially allows hemp to be treated as any other commodity. The bill defines hemp as legally distinct from marijuana and further opens the product up for farming, commercial use, and scientific research. This certainly gives CBD a big boost, allowing it to be more visible and accessible than it has been previously, though there are still some restrictions. The bill does not change the FDA’s classification of CBD as a drug, meaning it still cannot be used legally in other products as an additive. Even so, banking restrictions for CBD related businesses will be removed, legal protections for hemp growing are in place, and the stigma associated with hemp is one step closer to being changed for the better.


What Does This Mean For CBD?

As stated above, the CBD industry has long been limited by the classification of hemp as a schedule 1 drug. With this classification, the farming or hemp and any businesses associated with it have long been near impossible. Though changes within the last decade have slowly made the industry more viable, it’s never been as free and protected as it is now. With hemp reclassified as its own plant distinct from marijuana, the material needed for CBD oil and many other products is now much easier to access and use for business. This should help the industry to grow even further than it has in the past several years, allowing manufacturers and sellers the freedom to use CBD oil as almost any other commodity.

Another important point to consider is how this bill allows the public to utilize CBD. While opening it up to increased visibility and understanding is great, it also allows for it to be legitimately studied by the public and professionals. The true potential and effects of CBD have long been waiting for genuine scientific study, which having more access to it will allow. Individuals will also share these benefits, meaning more people are likely to research and understand it for themselves. Greater understanding of what CBD truly is by the public is a huge step in the right direction for this long misunderstood substance.


An Asset To Health & Wellness

At Bota Hemp, we believe in using pure and natural CBD oil to benefit the quality of life. With the 2018 farm bill, we’re better able to obtain the material we need to offer our products to the public. When people understand the physical and therapeutic benefits CBD oil provides, they’re in a much better position to take advantage of its benefits. Thanks to the continued support and scientific research being done, more people than ever before can learn how to improve their overall wellness with CBD.

Our CBD oil is third-party lab tested to be 100% pure with absolutely no intoxicating effect. Visit us here to learn more and see how you could use CBD to better the quality of your life.

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