Transform your skin with the power of natural botanicals and hemp-derived CBD. Rosewater and witch hazel help you look and feel brighter while cocoa butter will hydrate to keep the skin visibly renewed.

Calming & Balancing

Daily Eye Serum

150MG CBD / 9.5oz.

BOTA™’s Calming & Balancing Daily Eye Serum helps renew the skin on the most delicate part of the face. Using the calming and anti-aging powers of rosewater, this natural antioxidant works with nanoemulsified hemp extract to help your skin feel refreshed and rejuvenated so you’re ready to take on the day.

+ Rosewater
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Calming & Defending

Cashmere Eye Crème

100MG CBD / 1oz.

Indulge and renew with BOTA™ Calming & Defending Cashmere Eye Crème. Made with nourishing cocoa butter, BOTA™ Cashmere Eye Crème can help to naturally hydrate the delicate under eye area, providing moisture and promoting elasticity over time. Formulated with nanoemulsified hemp extract, this silky cream can even help to reduce under eye circles.

+ Cocoa Butter
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Calming & Balancing

Protective Skin Toner

100MG CBD / 6oz.

Protect and renew your skin with BOTA™ Calming & Balancing Protective Skin Toner. Made with natural astringent witch hazel, BOTA™ Toner can help to minimize the appearance of pores and smooth skin after cleansing. The perfect addition to your daily skincare routine, maximized with all of the potential benefits of nanoemulsified hemp extract.

+ Witch Hazel
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